Pastor Abraham David is the founding and the Lead Pastor of Christ’s Habitation Ministries. He is a teacher of the word of God, a man who adores the Holy Spirit greatly. Pastor Abraham treasures the presence and the blessings of the Holy Spirit above everything else.

He’s a lover of the word of God and can’t even imagine life outside God’s word.

He is also a Writer and the author of this blog.

Pastor Abraham David is married to Rozelyn Abraham. She is a special gift from God to him and she is part of the great vision given to him by God. They are blessed with a son, though, more are still coming.

 Our Vision

  • To teach God’s People The truth of God’s word. Thereby, helping them to discover and understand God’s purpose for their lives, their place in God and their inheritance in Christ.
  • To teach every man the Mystery of Christ. And to give every man the right answer to every of his question.
  • To destroy every plant and tree planted by the devil to destroy God’s work in the lives of people. And to work and reap harvest for the Master.


Our mission is to see all Christians come to the knowledge of the truth of God’s word. We want to help every Christians know and walk intimately with the Holy Spirit our Comforter and true Helper.  Seeing everyone called Christian live a glorious, fruitful, victorious, successful and prosperous life is our utmost desire.  We want to see Christians walk in righteousness, abundance, and complete rest. Christ brought to us all the fullness of God in Himself and we all can live and enjoy all the fullness on earth, we want to bring all Christians to this understanding. So that we can all live the genuine Christians life.

How We Want To Achieve This

  • We want to achieve these goals through teachings of the word of God by using every available platform.
  • This blog is one of the platforms we are using to reach every man with the accurate teachings of God’s word.
  • By turning every visitor to this blog to a subscriber so we can regularly send them helpful materials and resources. We encourage you to subscribe to this blog if you have not done so. Sign up now

  • Having a well structured Church with members who are committed to seeing God’s people live a glorious life.
  • By reaching out to the lost and win them for Jesus.
  • By helping every man, woman, and children because a change agent and a world changer. We believe that when people are properly thought the word of God they would become saviours. Having many saviors in every nation, state, city, and community is the first step to building a great nations. We want to raise nation builders everywhere. These are just a few of how we intend to achieve this great dream. It’s a global vision and we encourage you to be part of this vision.
We teach the ‘Mystery of Christ’ by bringing revelations given by the Holy Spirit to men. Only the Holy Spirit is the greatest Teacher who not only Teaches, but also reveals the word to His people. We want to see the body of Christ grow to maturity. It is time to stop all the division and mediocrity in  the Church of Jesus. We live to achieve this great dream.
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