Divine Healing and Health

God’s desire is for us to live in health. Jesus Christ didn’t only come to die for our sins, He came also to heal all sicknesses and diseases. He is the Healer and brings healing to the body of everyone who believes in Him so that such a person can live in health.

12 Wonderful Reasons Why Jesus Came

Christmas season is a special season which always comes with a very special and unique feelings. These special feelings are not what really makes Christmas special, Jesus is the one who makes Christmas special. Getting carried away by these feelings has caused many to be misled. Many have made wrong decisions and choices during Christmas …

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No Sickness

Sickness Has No Place In You

The Life That’s Superior To Sickness The Christian, having the very life of God should not be sick. This is because God cannot be sick, therefore a Christian who is born of God should never be sick. The life and nature of God is a life and nature of health, victory and dominion of sin, …

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