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Come Up Hither!

Come Up, Don’t Stay Down

By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

“And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither…” (Revelations 11:12).

God doesn’t want you to get too comfortable with where you are today. He wants you to move up. Yes, He has ordained good things to happen in your life but there’s a greater glory! Don’t stay with that which is good; strive for the best. As you grow in the knowledge of Christ, the Lord expects you to leave the good things for the best. He wants you to discover the higher realm of glory He prepared for His children, and there’s room for everyone at this realm of life.

For example, it’s good to be healed from sickness or disease. It’s good when someone who’s broke suddenly receives a financial miracle. But that’s not God’s best for His children. He wants you to move to the level where you’re no longer sick trying to be healed or poor trying to be rich. He wants you to come to that place where you don’t know what it is to be sick, a place where you don’t know financial depravity. Put simply, He wants you to come to a higher level, to your place of inheritance in Christ Jesus where you prosper and all your needs are met. It’s a place of power and authority over the devil and the cohorts of hell. That’s your place; that’s where you belong.

Come Up To Your Place Of Glory

I urge you to come up to your place of glory; come up to the place meant for you. It’s a place of joy, peace, power and success. It’s a place where divinity reigns! That’s where God has called you to be; that’s where you belong. All you need to do is say, “Yes!” And you’ll see the glory of God manifested in your life in an unusual way. The wisdom, power and grace of God will function in you in ways you never thought possible. Yield yourself to the Word; let it gain root in your spirit, soul and body and you’ll find yourself catapulted unto higher realms of glory by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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