Christian prosperity

Every Christian Is Born A Success

The Life Of The Christian Is  A Life Of Success

Every Christian is born a success. A Christian is born a success and should be successful in all things all the days of his life.  Success is the nature of everyone that is born of God. Everyone who is born again is a success. The person who is born of God is not only a success, he is also born into prosperity. This is the biggest advantage of being a Christian is that you are born a success. But if you don’t know or understand who you are how successful the life of a christian should be it won’t manifest in your life. This article is meant to help you understand how you were born a success and how you can live a successful and prosperous Christian life.

How Is A Christian Born A Success?

A Christian is born a success, not because of what he did but because He’s born of God. God is a success, therefore, everyone born of God is also a success. Being a Christian means you have the nature of God and His very life inside you. All Christians are born success.

Successful Christian Life

Because a Christian is not like every other person, he also has a way of life. The manner or way of life of the Child of God is what I refer to as the successful Christian life.

Why You Should Live A Successful Life

I call it successful Christian life because a man that is born a success should live the life of a success. The Christian is not a failure, for this reason should not live like a failure. Furthermore, because everything about us reflects God, therefore, we should not have the look of a failure.

Christians Are Born of God

Christians are born of God and so, should live like God. Living like God is what makes a successful life. A man cannot live a successful life until he begins to live like God.

How can a Christian live like God?

The only way a Christian or any man can live like God is by living the word of God. Living according to the word of God is living like God. There is no other way a man can live like God than by living the word of God.

The Word of God Shows Us How To Live

God reveals Himself in and through His word. The way a man can know how God lives is through His word. When a man looks at the word, He sees the acts of God. The same way, when you live the word of God, you act and reflect God. Doing and living the word of God is living and acting God.

Living A Successful Christian Life Is Living In Prosperity

Christians are prosperous people, so, you should prosper in all things if you are a born again. We have a life and have a profile, the Profile of Prosperous Christians.

Christian success and prosperity

How Can A Christian Walk In Prosperity?

Every Christian must consciously walk in prosperity and live in prosperity. Being born of God we are born into prosperity and must live in it. Living in prosperity as a Child of God is also living a successful Christian life. Every Christians should know these:  The secrets of financial prosperity. These are also important:  Prosperity Principles, and How to be successful in all you do. Knowing them will help you live the glorious and successful Christian life everyday.

Successful Christians Live A Life Of Glory

Living a successful Christian Life is living a life of glory. Also, it is living a life of abundance, victory, and dominion over all powers of darkness.

What Everyone You Understand

Every Christian Know that Christ Jesus suffered on our behalf so we don’t have reason to fail. Success is not an option for us as God’s children, it’s the only way for everyone that’s born of God. Reason is, it’s not possible to be born of God and still be a failure or fail in life.

Christian success

A life of success is a life of mastery, joy, fulfillment of purpose.

Keys To Living A Successful Life

The word of God, the map of the life of the Christians shows us how we should live. It shows us also how we can live a very successful life. Here is what it has to say to us.

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Joshua 1:8 NKJV

Points everyone who want to live a successful Christian life must always remember are:

First of all, let the word be in your mouth

The boom of the law which is the word of God must be in your mouth always. God’s word must not depart out of your mouth day and night according to scriptures. This is very important because it will sanitize your tongue. The word is a sanitizer.

Why the Word of God Must Be In Your Mouth Always

The reason the word of God must always be in your mouth is so you won’t say things that can ruin your life.

Our spoken words are important, they produce the things we see. Without the word of God man would always say the wrong things. Having the word of God in your mouth always is having the power and the one who made all things to work in your favour.


Meditate always on the word of God. Having God’s word in your mouth is important but more importantly is meditating on the word. When you meditate on the word of God you reason with God. Meditating on the Word of God will cause the word to possess your mind, thinking and actions. Once you get to that point where the word of God possesses you completely, you have It made. This will cause everything about you to speak glory, beauty, and perfections.


Do what the word of God says. This is also very important. Without doing what the word of God says you won’t see the blessings and success in the word. Doing everything the word says is the only success secret there is.

Your Success and Prosperity Depend On You

According to that scripture read above, you will make your ways prosperous. This means that the success of a Christian or any man doesn’t depend on God anymore. The success of every Child of God and every man depends absolutely on him or her. If you want to prosper, be doer of the word of God. Always do the word of God and give yourself wholly to the word.

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