What To Do To Be Very Successful

Successful Don’t Just Watch

We were all created by a successful God, so we are supposed to be successful naturally. There is what to do to be successful. It doesn’t just happen, successful ensured when a man knows what to do to make it happen and does it. You don’t watch things happen, you make them happen by doing what it is required to make them happen.

Every Christian Should Be Successful

Successful Christians

All Christians are God’s children, therefore, everyone of us should be a success. God, the only One who has never failed is the One Who gave birth to us. Besides being God’s children, He also gave us His Holy Spirit to make us successful in all things.

Christians are the Church of Jesus Christ, hence everything about us should reflect success.

What Success Is Not

Number one question every man must answer to be successful is, ‘what is success?’.
What does success mean to you? How do you know if a man is successful? Can a Christian be successful? If yes, then how?

You need to first have your own good definition of success if you must be successful in life. Many people have defined success the wrong way and that wrong definition has made many people go the wrong way, do the wrong thing to be successful.


Don’t Get Things Wrong

It is good to have material possessions, and it is good to be in top position of authority. Therefore, for as much as we desire all these blessings in our lives, it is good we no what success is not.

Accumulation of material possession is not success, because someone who steal, rob others and kill to take away their things can’t be said to be successful.
Being in top position of authority doesn’t make one a success because many manipulate their ways to top positions of authority.

Here is what Jesus says in His words, He told us what success is not.

And He said to them, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” Luke 12:15 NKJV.

Blessing is good and we all need to be blessed. It is good to be wealthy and it is good to have riches but we must not make mistake of defining success by all these. Material possessions are important but most important is how we get them.

Success is not a measure of how many things you have or how much you have in your bank account. Being popular doesn’t make you a success.
There are many rich people who ended up committing suicide, some live without peace, so they aren’t successful.

How Do You Define Success?

We need to understand basic truths in order to align ourselves rightly and be truly successful. How do you define success as an individual? Who do you think is a successful business man or woman?
You must be able to define clearly the term success. Don’t just follow another man’s definition of success simply because has a lot of things, have your own definition.

Everyone Wants To Be Successful

Successful Christians

The craving of every man is to be successful. There is no man who doesn’t have natural desire to be successful in life. One major problem many are facing is not knowing how or what to do to be successful. People go into business is because they want to be successful in it and make profits. The reason people chose careers and go into various professions is because they are looking for success. We all do what we do today because in us all is an innate desire to be successful in life.

I have never seen a man who says he doesn’t want success or doesn’t want to be successful. Why living if a man hates success? No one is ever happy when they fail but people are always happy when they are successful. Desire and cravings for success is a natural thing for every man. Even evil men want to be successful in their evil acts, they are never happy when they fail. With this understanding we can now go on now to define success.

What Is Success?

I define success differently from what you find in most places. To me, success is a life and it is a nature. Success is a way of life, the way and the manner in which a man or woman conducts himself or herself.

We can also define success as a way of life that helps one achieved the desired result or outcome. The result(s) one achieved doesn’t make the man a success if it were wealth and riches acquired by robbery and corruption would mean the robber or corrupt individual is successful.
Success is living the good life, taking the right steps and doing the right thing all the time. It is doing the good and right thing that will lead to you achieving your good set goals or good desired results.

Success is becoming born again; you are successful when you receive eternal life that God offers to all men.

Success Is Not A Luck or Doesn’t Come By Luck

No one is ever successful by luck. Luck doesn’t bring success; success comes only by doing the right thing consistently without stopping.
There are many people who are said to be lucky people who actually have been taking some steps for quite some time that resulted in the results and outcomes people see.

People experience success when opportunities that come to them meet them prepared. Everyone can be very successful if we all would prepare ourselves for the opportunities that would come our way. Many opportunities have come to many but met them unprepared and so they have never been successful.

Someone who wins lottery can’t be said to be a successful man and if not careful will lose everything without knowing. A man who gambles and won somethings isn’t successful either.

Success Is A Life And A Nature

I want you to know that success is a life and it is a nature. Success is the life and the nature of God. God is the most successful person. All the people who ever became truly successful were people who walked with Him and depended on Him.

Success is not an abstract thing, it is a real thing. God is success and success is God. The very life of God is a life of success that’s why God is always successful in all He does.

Only God has never failed, the devil has failed so many times and would always fail because of his life and nature. God has never failed in anything and is not possible for Him to fail because of His life and nature. So, success is a life and it is a nature, it is the life and nature of God.

Only God can define what true success is because He alone created all things, knows all things and determine all things.

What Should A Person Do To Be Successful?


There are things every man who wants to be successful must do consciously and deliberately.

Change Your Family

Firstly, You must receive the life and nature of success. Becoming born again is the first thing to do to be truly success. Only God has always been successful, everyone who desires to be successful must belong to the family of God.

There is no failure in the family of God because of the life everyone in the family of God has, the life of success. Any man who wants to enjoy a life of true and lasting success must be born again.

You must be a Christian and be a child of God to enjoy lasting success. By having God’s DNA in you it becomes impossible for you to fail. God’s people are successful people by nature, though majority of them don’t walk in success, they live ignorantly and so never enjoy the life of a success.

You Are What You Think You Are

Secondly, you must change the way you think and what you think. You must think success; you can never become successful thinking failure, thinking success will make you successful. The word of God says; For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7 NKJV.

The quality of a man’s life and the results he gets or will get are are dependent on his thoughts. This is a basic principle of life that everyone must understand.

Praying to be successful when your thoughts are thoughts of failure won’t make you a success. Your life is shaped and will be shaped by your thought so watch what you think.

Speak Right Words And Do The Word

Thirdly, Speak and do the word of God always. Doing the word of God will make any man a success because it is God’s word that created everything. All things came by the word of God and that word has never failed this is why doing the word won’t allow you to fail in life. The only way God has designed by which every man can be a success is by doing His word.

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Joshua 1:8 NKJV. 

Speaking the word of God, meditating on His word and observing to do everything the word says will cause you to make your way prosperous and have a good success.

Success doesn’t come to any man by wishing and praying alone, whoever wants to enjoy true and lasting success must be a doer of the words of God. The power to be a success is in the word of God which makes it a normal thing for every doer of the word to be successful.

A Christian who wants to be a success must be a doer of the words of God. A life of success is a life of doing the word of God.

Holy Spirit Is The True Teacher

Fourthly, Know and walk with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is the only true teacher who will teach you all things, He will teach you to succeed in life. Doing your things alone without Him won’t result in success for you, walking with Him guarantees success for any man.

Your Success Is In Your Hand

Everything now depends on you. Only you can determine whether you would be a success or not by the choice and decision you make. If you follow all the steps I mentioned above, nothing on earth would be able to stop your success. You can be as successful as you desire to be if only you will apply the principles I mentioned in this article. Enough of failure, enough of struggle, live a life of success and be successful in everything you do.

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