You Are Born A Success

Everyone who is born again is a success. This is why you are a success; if you are born again, you are automatically a child of God. New birth, that is, salvation makes you God’s child.

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God is not a failure and can never be. He is a success and everything about Him is and reflects success. This is why it is not possible for you to be a child of God and still not be a success.

Success is in the DNA of every child of God because as He is in heaven, so are you in this world.

The Danger Of Ignorance

It is dangerous to be ignorant. Ignorance is what has kept many of God’s children down. Many remain failures because of their ignorance.

Many of God’s children don’t know who they are. They keep walking in failure.

You are a success and can never be a failure. Refuse to accept defeat. Don’t accept to be poor.

There is no reason for you to remain ignorant. Study the word of God. Know the word for yourself and live by the word. It is not possible to live by the word and live in ignorance.

The World Belongs To You

It is for you that God created this world, not for the devil. So, do not allow the challenges of life push you to the corner. You are meant to take the center stage everywhere. God put you here to be in charge of all He has made.

It Is time for you to take charge. Don’t take care, take charge and be in control.

The power to change things is already in you. The Holy Spirit is in you and the word is in you.

Go and manifest the success that you are. Don’t shy away for challenges, face them and overcome them because you are an over comer.

God bless you!

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